Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Formal Assessment - People & Place

Well I received my formal notification of my results for People & Place 1 last night. I was very pleased to see I have passed with a Class 1 again, the same as for The Art of Photography. I didn't think I'd done quite as well as TAOP, so I was pleased that the assessors disagreed with me! I also appreciated the comments, one of which reads "Continuing to develop your personal style and take innovative risks will further strengthen your work". This I feel is an excellent comment and something I am working towards as I progress through the degree pathway. My other blog (for Digital Photography Practice) is being kept up to date, and now that I have finished the first module (Workflow) for that, I am taking some time out to do more reading and looking at other peoples work, which I am finding enlightening and inspiring.


  1. Congratulations Selina...glad all the hard work has paid off.


  2. Congratulations from me too - well done!