Friday, 6 May 2011

Sustainability Project

What does sustainability mean to me?

I've been asking myself this question for a while now, and I am going to enter a competition with this same subject (due in a few weeks). I'd love to get peoples opinion on my images and will take any suggestions seriously!!

Thanks in advance.

I've tried to think about what I do in my life to try to be more sustainable. Apparently if we all keep living the way we currently are, we need about 6 earths. We've only got one, so we all need to make changes in our lives to decrease our impact and be more sustainable. The classic images you get when you search online for sustainability are all a bit cliched in my opinion. I didn't want to take photos of small children holding growing plants, of solar panels, or wind farms or globes. I thought about things that impact my life directly. I have tried to take photos of things that are personal to me and give some indication of what I am trying to do to be more sustainable.

On the technical side. For the first time I (finally) downloaded the Photoshop CR2 raw converter so I have taken these 3 photos from raw files and processed them myself. Happy with the results and how quick and easy it was! I should have been doing this for ages!! I also took the first two shots using my big external flash in a somewhat studio style setup. It has been a fun challenge.

Here they are:

Photo 1: ... and three veg

From Sustainability_Project

Photo 2: Live Local

From Sustainability_Project

Photo 3: Double Garage

From Sustainability_Project

If you have any comments or questions please comment below. What does sustainability mean to you?